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How To Create A New Outlook Profile

A profile is a critical part of your Outlook experience. The profile consists of the accounts, data files, and settings that specify where your email messages are saved.

NOTE: To create a new profile, you'll use your Windows Control Panel. There are different paths you can take to get to Mail settings in the Windows Control Panel. The path you take might depend on which Windows operating system—Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10—you're using, and which version of Outlook is installed.

  1. Exit Outlook, and then do one of the following:

    • Choose Start > Control Panel > Mail.


    • Choose Start and in the Search programs and files box, type Control Panel, and then choose Mail.


    • Open the Control Panel, and in the Search box at the top of window, type Mail.

      Mail Setup - Outlook dialog box that is accessed through Mail settings in the Control Panel

  2. Choose Show Profiles > Add.

  3. In the Profile Name box, type a name for the profile, and then choose OK.

Choose files or drag and drop files
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