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Setup Kerio Connect on iPhone with Active Sync

  1. Go to your Settings and scroll down to “Accounts & Passwords" and select.
  2. Under this you will see your accounts already setup for your email.  Select “Add Account”
  3. This will pop up a selection of options, you will want to select “Microsoft Exchange”
  4. You will see a pop up window with three parts to fill out.
    A. Email, in this text box you want to put your email address. (Example:
    B. Password, you put in your password.
    C. Description, this is what you want the account to be known as.  (Example: Your Company Name)
  5. Select Next.  You will see a window that says that it cannot verify server identity with three options: cancel, details and continue; select continue.   This will happen a couple of times, just keep pressing continue.
  6.  A new window will be displayed with your email selected in it.  Under “Server”  you want to put your Incoming / Outgoing Server Name which is located in your Setup Email.  Leave Domain blank.  Put your email address under “Username”.  Select Next in upper right corner.
  7. It will begin verifying and everything you want synced select to the On toggle.  Then select Save.
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