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Installing Parallels Client for QB Cloud

Your QB Cloud Service uses Parallels Remote Application Server (RAS) to deliver a secure connection to your hosted QuickBooks through TSI.  The Parallels RAS server simplifies printing from the cloud and scanning to the cloud.

  • To install the Parallels Client, start by downloading the appropriate version for your Operating System from here. (
  • Follow the setup instructions, DO NOT install the single sign-on component
  • After installation complete – setup a new connection
    • Choose Parallels Remote Application Server and then OK

  • Click the Advanced settings > link at the bottom of the window

  • Complete fields as indicated in the image below:
    • Note: your username and password should already be provided
      • Primary Connection:
      • Connection Mode: Gateway SSL mode
      • Friendly Name: This is optional - and for your reference as to the purpose of the connection.  Would be important if you had multiple different connections.
      • We recommend leaving Auto Logon, unchecked
      • Save Password is optional - If a malicious user were able to gain access to your local desktop, and save password is checked, this could potentially allow a malicious user access to your cloud QB or cloud Desktop, until your password is reset.

Once setup you can login by clicking the connection in the Parallels client on the left side.  Cloud QB users will have a Quickbooks folder with their version of Quickbooks available to launch.

  • Double click on the application you would like to launch and you'll see the Parallels logon/loading screen

Choose files or drag and drop files
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